Deep Commercial & Residential Carpet Cleaning in Southend-on-Sea, Essex (UK)

We at Excel Carpet Cleaning believe that, in general, the 4th most expensive thing in your home is the flooring. People choose to lay carpets in their homes because they feel strong, are long lasting, add colour, absorb sound, reduce heat loss and feel soft and luxurious under foot. When looked after properly you can keep your carpet clean for longer.

Carpet Cleaning in Essex

Carpets help keep your family safe by acting as a filter for allergy inducing dust mites and other micro irritants. However, over time carpets can get worn and whilst fibres in your carpets often hide the dirt, they need cleaning professionally to help you keep the carpet clean and make them last longer. By having your carpets cleaned, this will also help to keep your home smelling fresh.

Through our training we have learnt that most domestic carpets in Britain are wool based or polypropylene and for the best carpet cleaning results and for the best way to keep your carpet clean, these should be wet cleaned (or steam cleaned as some people call it) using a hot water extraction machine. Most professional carpet cleaners call this process hot water extraction, however it is also known as shampooing the carpet or steam cleaning, but the process is still the same. This can also apply to carpets made from other material.

We can also dry clean carpets if needed, which while this has a place in the industry, to get the best results we believe that wet cleaning is the best method to get your carpet clean.

We also cater for commercial carpet cleaning and office carpet cleaning. We can accommodate the work outside of normal office hours and are available weekends and evenings. As most commercial carpets cover a larger square footage than domestic carpets, we have a number of carpet cleaning machines and qualified technicians who are able to complete the work to get your carpet clean within a short timeframe to meet your commercial requirements.


Many potential clients look for steam carpet cleaners, but to make you aware that if anybody actually steam cleaned your carpet, it would probably shrink. So whilst wanting steam carpet cleaners to carry out your carpet cleaning, the method that all carpet cleaners actually use is hot water extraction.


We offer a comprehensive and free consultation of all your carpet cleaning requirements. The way we carpet clean is better than most other carpet cleaners.

  • Step 1: Carpets are vacuumed first, if required
  • Step 2: Carpets are pre-sprayed, deodorised and then groomed
  • Step 3: Carpets are cleaned using a hot water extraction machine. In addition to cleaning agents, we also odour neutralise and use further deodorisers when dealing with pet odours.
  • Step 4: If after cleaning there are any stains remaining, we treat these with further specialist chemicals.
  • Step 5: Before leaving we will leave overshoes, if requested, for our clients as the carpets are likely to be slightly damp. If requested, turbo dryers can be used to dry the carpets quicker.


An extra service we offer is carpet protection, using one of the leading carpet protectors in the UK market. Not only does this protect, it prevents new dust mites from living on the protected service. It also protects from everyday household soils and spills. Using this product can also help to make your carpets last longer and help keep your carpet clean for longer. When we apply the protector to your carpet it acts as an invisible barrier to all stains unless it is a boiling hot spill or a very large quantity spillage. This means that you, as the householder, can deal with these stains much more easily without damaging your carpet and in the long run it can save you money, as you are less likely to need to call out a professional to remove the stains.

Please contact Paul on 0800 695 0340 / 07508 416 235 if you would like to know more or have any questions about cleaning your carpet.

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