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All rugs can be cleaned however they may have to be cleaned by hand or even dry cleaned to get your rug clean. If your rugs are hand made or a silk rug, Persian rug, oriental rug, Turkish rug, Iranian rug or any other type of expensive rug, these should normally be cleaned by hand i.e. dry cleaned.

In most cases we use a similar process for rug cleaning as for upholstery cleaning. We pre-wash the rug using a citrus pre-wash with added deodoriser and work this in wearing a hand mitt, after which the carpet cleaning machine is brought into the process.

Using only PH neutral chemicals and a small hand tool with internal jets and a water flow controller to rinse so as not to over wet or damage these delicate fibres. When it comes to keeping your rug clean, unfortunately some stains cannot be dealt with as stronger cleaning chemicals could damage the rug when it comes to rug cleaning.

If you have a less expensive rug, i.e. a wool rug, these are normally cleaned in the same way as wool carpets, however we still have to be careful in the chemicals we use so some stains may be difficult to remove in the rug cleaning process.

Rug cleaning some of the very expensive rugs, i.e. a genuine Persian rug or a real silk rug, can be cleaned in your home, but they may have to be taken away for specialist attention.

At Excel Carpet Cleaning, we strongly advise that you do not rug clean yourself or get an unqualified company to do this, because over wetting any rug can lead to colour bleeding or shrinkage or in worse cases, the fibres will break down and potentially cause the rug to fall apart.

Curtain Cleaners in Southend and all of Essex

We are also fully qualified to clean curtains. Most curtains have to be dry cleaned and the cleaning process is as follows. They are vacuumed first and then dry cleaned, or in some cases they could be steam cleaned. Stain removal is very limited when it comes to curtain cleaning, so protecting these is highly recommended. Whilst we would clean the curtains in your home, they can be taken away and cleaned if necessary. Please be very careful in trying to remove marks or stains yourself as this can cause water marks or damage to the curtain permanently.

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