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When it comes to upholstery cleaning we need to determine what type of fabric it is because there are many various types to ensure that it is cleaned properly.

When you choose Excel Carpet Cleaning for carpet cleaning upholstery, we will always ascertain what type of fabric your upholstery is, so as not to ruin the fibres and possibly shrink the entire furniture when it is cleaned. If the cleaning technician is trained properly, most upholstery cleaning can be done using a wet cleaning method. Through our training and experience we will be able to select the best method of carpet cleaning upholstery.

If you have stains on your upholstery, whilst we can deal with these individually, we recommend that the whole affected seating area is cleaned so that you don’t have spots that are then cleaner than the rest of it after the upholstery cleaning has been carried out.

Why Choose Us To Clean Your Upholstery

We vacuum the suite first, then using a citrus pre-wash (with added deodorisers) we apply the cleaning agent with a hand mitt. This allows the chemical time to work at the soils dealing with a small area at a time. We extract the cleaning agents using the hot water extraction method, which further cleans and deodorises the upholstery. To extract we use a small hand tool with internal jets and a water flow controller so as not to over wet the upholstery, which is very important when it comes to upholstery cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning & Protection

The upholstery will be damp when it has been cleaned and will take a few hours to dry. So when it comes to carpet cleaning upholstery a turbo dryer can be left if requested to dry the upholstery quicker or we will use terry towels to aid the drying process.

Your upholstery can also be protected, which will deliver the same benefits as protecting your carpets however the protection used is very different. Whilst it is slightly more expensive, it is more important that your upholstery is protected as stains and spillages are harder to remove from upholstery.

Leather, Nubuck & Suede Upholstery Cleaning

A properly qualified and trained carpet cleaning company, would first identify your leather as there are many types and they have to be cleaned differently, as some cleaning methods can ruin certain leathers. If you have pigment leather upholstery (coated leather) we would use cream cleaners to clean the leather.

When we buy leather upholstery it always has a fresh leather smell, which is lost over time due to wear and tear. We at Excel Carpet Cleaning have endeavoured to find a company that sells a product that restores the fresh leather smell to upholstery. After the cleaning process we then deodorise the leather to make it smell like new. We would then use re-finishing creams to condition and re-protect the leather upholstery. This part of the process is vital so as not to leave your leather upholstery exposed (unlike carpet protector, which is optional, this is an integral part of the cleaning process).

This process also applies to leather look suites or E-Leather. We use a different process for other leather upholstery, i.e. aniline leather. Whilst it is still a cleaning and re-finishing process, it is a low moisture process otherwise these types of leathers can be damaged, although some aniline leathers can be cleaned in the same way as pigment leather and any qualified leather cleaner would know which cleaning process fits any particular aniline leather.

We are able to delicately clean nubuck and genuine suede upholstery as well as faux suede upholstery, however please be aware that the cleaning process takes some time especially if the upholstery is heavily soiled.

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